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X-Tian Singles Ads on Tribe
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End of ads..
If you use firefox browser and adblock, you wouldn't see any pesky ads...

addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fi...ddon/1865 - Unsubscribed , posted 01/05/08
I Think It's Great!
I would rather have the Christian singles trolling for trim on Tribe than having to live like poor Ted Haggar, Larry Craig, and all those other closeted Republicans that constantly make Christians look like a bunch of loser hypocrites!

C'mon guys! Adopt a wide stance on this one... - Mac Rory , posted 01/03/08
I'm all for letting people with common interests find each other. - Jon , posted 01/03/08
Blatant Oppression!
Do pagans & faeries oppress christians by placing "Meet Single Pagans/Faeries" Ads on Christian Tribes? Of course not, we are not recruiters, contrary to their Religious Doctrine of "We have THE TRUTH, all other religions are FALSE and end in ETERNAL DAMNATION!" - Teddy , posted 01/03/08
polarities at play
christianity and satanism are one in the same.
(both are a fabrication)
one fiction would not exist without the other...polarities at play.
most christians i know give their energy (and votes) to others who directly contradict the basic teachings of their religion.
christianity = satanism = christianity = sheeeeeepsleeeeeeeep
his story is the tool of the machine :) - Unsubscribed , posted 01/03/08
outta the way
Let them find each other, it's a good thing

If you are a non-christian, have you ever been on a date with an uber evangelical, someone who seemed cute and you talked them up and you got a date finally and then when you think that everything is cool they freak out because you are (atheist/agnostic/buddhist/hindu/baha i'/wiccan/discordian)

or worse, they like you and they want to "save" you?

They could have more racially diverse banner ads though, plenty of holy rollers in every race.

And really, I don't mind them finding one another, we should all try to be matched with the individual that shares our values.

Now if only I can find a single discordian female in the dallas area :) - Innsmouth , posted 01/03/08
This is the work of the Religious Right, trying to equate Christianity with White Protestant suburban Patriotic Americans. - Forest , posted 01/03/08
White-Bread for the Well-Fed
Why are all Christian Singles Aryan Uber-Babes wearing all White?
We GET it! You are Pure! Pure and White White White! - arun , posted 01/03/08

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