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A+ Repair Shop. Great Find!
I'm somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to cars (especially mine) and been around long enough to know when I getting a good deal or the run around. I found that the guys at Tom Dwyer's do very good work, for a very good price! I have been pleased every time I have gone in. As well, I have never had any problems with the repairs. (Nothing like going to a place and getting a problem repaired to find out a few days later you still have the same problem.) You won't have to worry about that at Tom Dwyers. - Lewis , posted 04/26/08
I should have listened to "J"
I read the tribe ratings after hearing several advertisements on KPOJ, and decided that I would go to Tom Dwier, for an inspection and an oil change. What I left the shop with was much more -- a spooky encounter with a service manager, who recommended that I not go on long trips, unless I pay more than $2500 for additional repairs, and an $800 whole in my wallet.

I was seduced by Tom Dwier Automotive’s website and progressive radio message. When I arrived I was awestruck by all the technical certifications and employee photos on the wall. The place looked humble, and the people were very friendly at 7 am. I dropped the car off and took the shuttle back to work, without incident.
A few hours later I get a message to call them, the inspection had been completed. Turns out that my suspension is totally shit struck, I had a bald tire, and I needed a break job, because a caliper is broken and dragging. Now I’m no mechanic, heck, I couldn’t pick a break caliper out of a lineup, but that sounded pretty serious, so I had them fix it.
I was then told they had the parts in stock and I could get it done by the end of the day, they would call me. At this time I was also “sold up” on additional services like a break system flush, a cleaning and adjustment on the rear brakes, and a transmission fluid change. My $99.50 inspection and $37.22 oil change had skyrocketed up to $800! They called me two hours before closing, and then told me that something wasn’t fitting right and that they would have to keep the car over night. I was upset, but what could I do?

I got dropped off by my girlfriend, to pick up the car, and told her I that I would pay and be meet her at a local pub in a couple of minutes. It seems that I underestimated their respect for a customer’s time when I told my girlfriend to go on ahead of me and order me a beer, because I, with credit card in hand, could not simply pay and leave without a lecture in vehicle safety, and a hard sell on the urgency of restoring my entire suspension system to original factory specs (I have a lowered ride), FOR OVER $2000!

They did this as a sales tactic, because once I had my keys I would stop listening and be able to just say “no thanks” while walking toward the door, but I was forced in to justifying my desire to drive a lowered vehicle and given ominous warnings about going elsewhere to get service. All I wanted to do was pay and lick my wounds in a pub with happy hour beer. Thanks to that wind bag I missed happy hour, but still got to pay $800, yea!

The next day I want to Les Schwab, to get a replacement tire, and told the service guy, that I had just come from Tom Dwier Automotive and I was told I needed a new tire and suspension, he said he was glad to do the tire and asked to take a look at the car’s suspension. Naturally I approved, and his diagnosis was the same as Tom Dwier Automotive’s I needed new front struts, shocks, and springs. The difference was about $900! Not only that he gave me a quote on a break job, and it too was half as much as I paid!
The take-home message here is: if you are a blue-collar guy on a tight budget, avoid this place like the plague, If you are a latte-sipping sipping YUPPE Tom will happily relive you of your burdensome cash. I have to give up my vacation plans this year. I had planned on going to the great American Beer Festival for the first time this year, had I gone to Les Schwab, I could have at least gone camping.
Thanks Tom - Phil , posted 04/17/08
they rock
I have been using Tom Dwyer for about 6 years..and they are honest, nice, very skilled, and very efficient!!! - Severina , posted 12/13/07
A real customer alerted us to the rating posted by "J". Thank you for the heads up.
"J" is not one of our customers! Never has been never will be. I looked at his bio etc. What a guy! “J” Sells used cars for a living and after reading his information I’m hoping that others will see the truth in this story. After inspecting "J's" vehicle for sale (for profit), we advised our customer to decline purchasing his vehicle. We ruined "J's" car sale to the “prospect” he had in his sights. SORRY "J", oh and by the way do you have a dealer’s license?
I assure you that the inspection was accurate. Our job is to protect our customers from buying used vehicles that will not deliver good service and economy. I would like to know what shop in LO passed it with flying colors (don't have your pre-purchase inspections done there!). Many details don’t add up in “J’s” rating. You don’t get a clutch, transmission and brakes for $1200.00. We don’t give estimates to our customers for repairs on cars that fail pre-purchase inspections. "J" states in his bio that he is 30 years old (bio picture looks even younger). He claims to have 20 years experience "working on cars". At the age of thirty I’d like to know how you get 20 years of experience “working on” cars, unless riding in cars counts. “Working on cars” and being a professional ASE master technician are not equivalent. We don't employ any 10 year old technicians at my shop. I’m hoping "REAL" Tom Dwyer customers will post feedback to wash "J's" out. Talk to a real Tom Dwyer Automotive client and you will find that we have been delivering impeccable service for 25 years and have a 99.8% customer satisfaction rate.

Take Care and play nice

Tom - Thomas , posted 06/16/06
offline 3
These hacks are liars.. dont trust them!
Let me tell you about me and myself first, I am a mechanic with over 20yrs experience, that said.. I had a car for sale and my prospect wanted a pre-purchase inspection done. Ok no problem so he chose this place. 2 weeks prior to me selling the car I had just got done putting a brand new clutch in. So this place keeps the car for a few hrs and tells me right to my face the car passed, I am thinking great! My prospect calls me an hr later with what the shop told him. The shop said the brakes were shot, the clutch was going out and the trans was bad, all lies and they wanted something to the tune of $1,200 for "future" repairs. This was all bold face lies because another prospect took the same car to a different shop in LO and they passed it with flying colors. Hacks at Tom Dwyer, yes dont go there, there filthy liars! - J , posted 12/31/05
Honest and very skilled
The guys at Tom Dwyer are honest and very good at their work. But one of the things that seperates them from the one or two other good shops in town... they never make you feel stupid for asking questions or bringing in a problem that you maybe should have know was an impending disaster. - Unsubscribed , posted 06/01/05
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