SunFest XXII Summer Solstice Celebration

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The Goddess is alive and magic is most definitely afoot…

During SunFest XXII, we will celebrate Her as Isis, the Great Goddess of ancient Egypt, the Lady of Magic, the Radiant, Golden Sun Goddess.

We will come together as a community to honor this powerful, loving, magical, and ancient Goddess. We will chant and dance for Her. As the ancient Egyptians did, we will make offerings in Her name. The dreamers of Isis will sleep in sacred incubation in Her temple. Together, we will enact Her Bright Mysteries and awaken the Isis Fire in our hearts.

SunFest XXII, A Celebration of Isis the Radiant Goddess, will offer you many, many ways to participate hands-on, to learn more about Isis, or to deepen your relationship with this Great Goddess.

Come and help us celebrate the summer solstice at the beautiful Oregon coast
June 24-27, 2010
Please visit for more information and to print out a registration form.
Please visit for detailed information on Isis and Sunfest preparation.

Further info: This event is a fund raiser for OWOW which is working on the purchase of Pagan Land for the greater pagan community. In addition to the Magnificent Temple to Isis you can expect Vendors, Children's events, Big Bon Fires with Drumming and Dancing far into the night. The site is in a lovely field surrounded with coastal mountains and the Siletz River, about 3 miles from the Pacific Ocean. This is a camping event and the site does have showers. Being on the Oregon coast in late June the weather can range from hot to cool and dry to wet all with a bit or more of wind. This is a wonderful event for pagans of many paths and you can participate at the level you choose.
Blessed Be
Under Her Wings

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