Lama Mingyur Rinpoche: teaching and empowerment tour June - August 2009 ( Portland Oregon in June )

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Lama Mingyur Rinpoche: teaching and empowerment tour June - August 2009

Keywords : mantra yoga, Heart Sutra, Karma Kagyu lineage of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, 2009 Tour, Portland, deity of "Liberating Compassion, "Avalokitesvara empowerment.

Summary: His Eminence Yongey Mingyur will be giving a tantric Buddhist empowerment ( highest yoga tantra ) for Avalokitesvara in Portland this June 19. This major tantric guru of the Karma Kagyu lineage is on national tour through August.

" If we try too hard, meditation becomes difficult. But it is so easy... Meditation is resting in our own natural awareness. "
His Eminence Yongey Mingyur Dorje Rinpoche

His Eminence Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche is a younger and major teacher in the Indo-Tibetan tradition of vajrayana and tantra, specifically as a retreat master in the Karma Kagyu lineage. He is the son of the great Nyingma master Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, and his main residence is Sherab Ling, the seat of His Holiness Khentin Tai Situpa.

Although quite young, he is an accomplished master of both the Great Seal ( Mahamudra ) and Great Perfection 9 Dzogchen ) traditions of pure awareness yoga. I have received from His Eminence both the Tsik Sum Ne Dek ( Great Perfection Breakthrough ) and Karma Pakshi Great Seal guru yoga empowerments some years back, and both transmissions were quite powerful.

His Eminence is also establishing fellowships in North America ( e.g. San Jose CA and Phoenix AZ ) and participating in western scientific studies on mind science. He is the author of two well received books on meditation, including the recently released "Joyful Wisdom - Embracing Change and Finding Freedom".

This young teacher is clearly one of the most important of the new generation of tantric Buddhist gurus teaching in the West, in terms of the quality and quantity of his teaching work, and the deep and broad impact he is beginning to have. ( See "
Yongey Foundation Links" at ).

This year he teaches coast to coast and also in Brazil. For information on the North American Tour continuing through August, see

The main event of the Portland visit is a major empowerment for the meditation deity Avalokitesvara. See
and many book titles and other resources from Snow Lion Publications. See
and the Kagyu bookstore for the Karma Kagyu lineage seat North America

Avalokitesvara is a primary and pre-eminent deity and practice for Buddhists worldwide. Avaolkitesvara is a primary deity of "Liberating Compassion", known in many parts of the Far East as Kuan Yin ( China ), Kwannon ( Japan ), Kwan Seeum ( Korea ), Kwan Theum Botat ( Viet Nam ), etc. This is a major practice for both general Mahayana ( Great Way ) Buddhists and also for esoteric tantric Buddhists, and thus unites and helps all schools of Buddhist practice in many different cultural contexts, both Asian and Western.

This is a primary pagan / polytheistic deity yoga of South Asian Buddhist origin, and has become incorporated into some Hindu practice lineages, such as that of Swami Nikhilesvarananda. It is very similar to or overlaps the practice of Blue Throated Siva. It is without doubt the most well known Buddhist practice in the West ( either as "OM MANI PADME HUM" or as the "Heart Sutra" ).

Many tens of millions of Buddhists recite either a Sanksrit formula for Avalokitesvara or a meditation text associated with this deity,as in (1) and (2) following.

1) One of the root mantras ( esoteric invocations or evocations ) of Avalokitesvara is
"OM MANI PADMA HUM", which is discussed at

2) Avalokitesvara is the source of the primary Buddhist text Prajna Paramita Hrdaya, the Heart or Essence of Transcendent Wisdom, which is recited daily in many Buddhist countries, such as the Chinese and Japanese Zen schools. See
This is a primary and central and definitive text for many of the Mahayana Buddhist schools, both outer and inner.

Please note that I do not formally represent this teacher nor the fellowship hosting him in Portland.

Sarva mangalam! May it be beneficial!
Siddhi rastu! May there be accomplishment!


Hosted by Portland Dharma Group



16 June
7:30 pm
Book signing at Powell's Books for
"Joyful Wisdom - Embracing Change and Finding Freedom"

17 June - 18 June
Public talks 7 - 8:30 pm
First Congregational Church
1126 SW Park Ave, Portland OR

19 June
Avalokitesvara [ Chenrezig ] empowerment
First Congregational Church
1126 SW Park Ave, Portland OR

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